We took you to the most amazing places.

On our daily trips, you not only learn to surf but also discover places in Portugal that you cannot discover on a tourist tour. In addition to great waves and wonderful beaches, you can get in touch with Portuguese culture and learn about the local history of surfing. Porto is ideal to feel closer to this sport and at the same time explore the surroundings and its cultural diversity.

Nice weather and consistent surf.

Due to its long Atlantic coast, Porto has a maritime climate with mild winters (13ºC/55ºF) and hot summers (28ºC/82ºF). The water temperature varies between 14 degrees C (57ºF) in the winter and 19 degrees C (66ºF) during the summer months. The biggest swells are between the months of November and April forming the highest waves of the North coast of Portugal. However, in the summer months the waves are smaller and therefore ideal for learning and catching the first small waves “in the green”.

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