Accredited surf school

Our classes meet the needs of each person. Identify your surfing level and choose the ideal type of lesson for you: private and in groups.

We also have surf lessons for children, surf lessons for companies, ATL surf, surf camp, surf trip and stand up paddle board.

Team made up of professional accredited instructors.

Safety, awareness, teaching methodology in and out of water, knowledge, monitoring and lots of fun are our strengths to have an unforgettable experience.


Learn and discover the magic of surfing.


Have you dreamed of gliding on the waves? Your opportunity has finally arrived: Welcome to Initiation classes. Step by step we teach you the basic movements of surfing.

We start the classes with theoretical explanations and a comprehensive introduction on the beach, we go with the student to practice in the calmer sea next to the beach. There you can learn the first movements with your board and practice the new technique in a totally safe environment.


If you already practice and want to learn more, this is your level.


Have you taken surf lessons, gained experience with the board and are your skills in small waves good enough? Now you want to go to the next level?

In that case Intermediate level classes are what you need. Here you will deepen your foundations, prepare to surf waves from the beginning and practice your first maneuvers.

Your intermediate surfing skills allow you to use hard boards throughout the course, provided by the school and adapted to your level in terms of shape and size. They will give you a more direct contact with the wave, greater speed and agility in the maneuvers – you will see!


For you, if you are already a surfer and want to improve.


You are part of the advanced surfers if catching waves is no longer a difficulty and you know how to surf a complete wave leaving safely.

From this point on, we will familiarize you with the subtleties of surfing: in lessons, your instructor will try to optimize your skills by analyzing your individual techniques, working on your weaknesses and strengthening your strengths.

The focus will particularly be on the duckling, speed, upturns and downturns as well as how you behave in a cutback. Depending on the conditions and your improvement, we will provide the right board.

Type of Surf Lessons

Once you understand your level, choose the type of classes you prefer.

Individual Classes

Focus and Performance

It doesn’t matter your surfing level. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, depending on your level, the instructor will always be with you throughout the class from start to finish, in and out of the water.

Group Classes

Pure Fun

These classes can be for four to seven people. Here, you can invite your friends and form your own group or you can join our groups and meet new surfers and make friends for life.

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