Come Surf with us!

At KIBER SURF SCHOOL, we love what we do, and as a result we are a reliable and safe certified school, always maintaining the perfect balance between an individual or group approach.

We nurture team spirit in all groups, but we also pay close attention to each individual member.

We ensure that each student learns the correct techniques and a good solid foundation.

Individudal Classes

We have accredited, professional and local instructors who will give the special and necessary attention in a private class.

Our instructors will teach you all the essential steps to learn to surf.

No matter your surfing level: whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, depending on your level the instructor will always be with you during the lesson from start to finish, in and out of the water. During classes, the instructor will always remember or recall each step and technique to improve your learning and performance, without ever forgetting all the basics and essences of sports practice.

Never forgetting that, being private classes, they have a greater intensity and a high level of learning.

Classes include the necessary and appropriate material for each person and the level they are at.

Group Classes

These classes can be for four to seven people.

Group of friends, team building actions or company party. You can invite your friends and form your own group or you can join our groups.

Group lessons are ideal for surfing enthusiasts who love meeting new people and sharing new experiences.

It’s amazing how many relationships can be created by doing an exciting activity that everyone is passionate about. A sense of togetherness is created, which results in new friendships, which is not surprising.

Our surfer groups are made up of different ages. In addition, our instructors are certified and very friendly professionals. They love what they do, teach surfing and add to that the fact that they can provide incredible and unforgettable moments for each student. We add that our instructors are trained to also teach in English.