A surfing experience for a week.

This experience takes place in Aguçadoura – located about 25km north of Porto (45 minutes by metro), a small coastal village in Póvoa de Varzim. Walking just a few meters away we find Praia da Barranha, with several surf spots.

The several kilometers of sand are mostly protected areas and form part of the dune area of the nature reserve. The beach is one of the most beautiful the region has to offer and is equally popular with surfers and beach lovers, due to its fine white sand and wave quality.

Praia de Aguçadoura is one of the best surfing spots in the North of Portugal, especially known for the consistency of its conditions as well as for its relaxing atmosphere.

Perfect location to enjoy sun, beach and good waves.


Every morning you will have a complete breakfast buffet waiting for you, with carefully selected products, which will give you the necessary vigor for a whole day of surfing. It includes a huge variety of healthy fruits and vegetables, different types of cake, different types of bread, croissants, cold meats, cheeses, jams, assorted cereals, yogurt, fruit salad, eggs and drinks such as: tea, water and orange. Lunch and dinner will be at your expense.



  • Accommodation 100 meters from the sea

  • Private bathroom

  • Buffet breakfast

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Common living room with TV and terrace

  • Common Kitchen

  • Terrace

  • Free shuttle to metro station

  • Surf Lessons

  • Renting Gear

Surf Lessons

For all ages and all levels

On all 7 days of the week we have surf lessons for all levels and ages.

Under the guidance of our experienced and accredited surf instructors from KIBER SURF SCHOOL, you will learn to catch the first waves or improve the skills you already have acquired. Depending on the wave and tide conditions, we do two surf sessions of 1h30 each or a longer session of approximately 3 hours, per day. Always according to the tides and conditions, we start every morning between 9:30 am and 10:30 am.

We always prefer that the classes are given directly at Praia de Aguçadoura. If the waves on this beach do not meet our requirements, we take students to other spots where beginners, intermediates and advanced students have the best conditions.

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